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Feedback from the Philippines

Fr. Bill,
A good day to my friend and angel, Fr. Gulliver!
Your presence here in the Philippines is a great opportunity and a God's gift to us. Thank you for your gift of presence and gift of love.
I wish to say thank you for connecting with me through e-mail. I  surf your website and wonderfully read  your  soul-nourishing write-ups. Your divine giftedness really touch those who read your words of truth. This is my time to say "I'm sorry" and "Thank you"' for I forwarded some of your write-ups to my e-mail friends without your permission, and you know, just before I sit down on the computer to open my e-mail box, one of my co-teachers embraced me for the forwarded message I sent to her was her consolation  and eye-opener (she is having some conflicts with her time and other people, that she will almost burst). I forwarded her "The Journey To The Cave Of Heart". Thank you again for sharing to others your divine gift.
Thank you too for forwarding me the topic on being a Global Villager. It is also an eye-opener for me how to  deal with other people of different religion, culture, principles, personalities ,etc. I fever I am meant to be a missionary later in life, I could embracingly apply that truth.
Wherever you go, you are always a gift to every people you meet...and they are blessed to have you. You are always in my prayer that God will graciously give you a longer life and a splendid healthy body for your mission be continued , that many people will be graciously transformed into a loving being.
Bon Voyage as you go back to your native land this May 15 2003.God  bless you.
Your friend in Iloilo, Philippines

Dear Fr. Bill,
      Well, I just want to say goodbye. Thanks for the memories and learning's we have shared, I salute to your SEEDS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, I know it will really bear fruits to my vocation. Thanks too for the gift of your vocation, I was really inspired by your stories particularly the TIGER STORY. I will never forget that. Most especially, thanks for what you are and who you are! God bless you father. I will really miss you. I just hope you will be here again someday, if not, just be present in my ordination. Thanks a lot. I love you and God bless you.
A young Seminarian studying for the Priesthood who attended my teaching sessions in the Philippines

Yes, dear Bill, you have been a beautiful blessing in my life, too!

Thanks very much for the precious seeds of consciousness you planted deep within me! With the help of the VHS & books (coming), I will be able to multiply these seeds of greater awareness! I know you will keep in touch even after you have returned to the US, & for this, thanks in advance!

I will be in San Lorenzo for the College Faculty Enneagram Retreat on campus, from the 14th-16th. If our timetables don't coincide, receive a very loving hug across cyberspace (!) to wish you Godspeed & endless thanks!


Fidelis , A sister of the Assumption, Manila, Philippines

Dear Dr. Hal & Sidra Stone,

We have had the rare privilege of learning about your work through Fr. Bill
Whittier.  In behalf of everyone at New Beginnings Foundation, I would like
to thank you for the videos and books.

The New Beginnings Foundation Inc. is a 12 Step based residential treatment
center for drug & alcohol addictions.  It is the first center of this kind
in the Philippines and has been helping addicts & alcoholics for the last
13 years. Our staff is composed of recovering persons who were also treated
at New Beginnings. Our residential program is 45 days and we also have a
residential Halfway house program of 30 days.

The Aware Ego and Voice dialogue has tremendously helped all our counselors
gain a better perspective of the different "selves" which live within each
of us.  It has also clarified behaviors which we see in our clients,
thereby allowing us to provide a more effective treatment plan for them.
Voice dialogue has allowed us to experience how the "selves" come alive.

The most precious experience is the gift of friendship of Fr. Bill
Whittier, who is a constant source of strength and inspiration especially
in challenging times for myself and our staff.

We wish you the best  in the work you are doing. We hope that we can
reciprocate with the same generosity which you have shared with us.

Sincerely yours,

Dondi Ayuyao
Executive Director
New Beginnings Foundation


" This presentation was made to the Bishop and the Priests of the Diocese of San Jose, Antique, Philippines."

Many Many Thanks


22 May 2003

Dear Dr. Hal & Dr. Sidra Stone,

Greetings of peace to you from the Philippines!

You will be glad to hear that the parcel of books and tapes that you sent on February 2nd have just arrived safe and sound.  Fr. Bill Whittier requested these books and tapes when he was here on his lecture tour.

Bill addressed the Bishop, Priests and Religious of the diocese of San Jose, Antique.  It was a wonderful meeting not only because of the input but because of the numbers of priests who gathered for the occasion. The week before we had a meeting at which only a few priests were present, but at Bill’s meeting almost all came.

Obviously we have not had time to absorb the contents of the books or tapes but even a short glance at the contents brings back the ways in which Bill introduced your inspiring approach to a better understanding of oneself.  With Bill’s presentation and use of your video, we all appreciated the work you have done.  

I think I can safely speak on behalf of everyone that the experience of your work has helped us to become more aware of who we are and who we can become for others.

Thank you most sincerely for your gift of the books and tapes.  Be assured of our prayers for both you, and for the work you do to help others.

Blessings of peace.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Mc Avoy MHM

Good Memories


Fr. Bill     Fr. Bill


The pictures above are my "Farewell Last Supper" compliments of New Beginnings, a well known and effective alcoholic and addict Rehabilitation Center in Manila.
The picture on the Left is Vincent and Mia his Fiancée. They are to be married in July 03.  They are a lovely couple and I met them at New Beginnings. In the middle is Dondi, the Director of New Beginnings, a wonderful  loving and dedicated human being. The next guy you may recognize is yours truly. Dondi wanted to show his appreciation for all my help with New Beginnings so he invited me out for dinner to one of best restaurants in Manila and owned by his family.
The picture on the right is me and my salmon entrée I have not been privy to all the distinguished restaurants in the world but in all my life I have never seen salmon presented in this way. Tasted even better than the presentation.
New Beginnings is doing a great job and service in the Recovery field and I was blessed to consult and teach and counsel there while I was in Manila. So our "Last Supper" was one of Gratitude, Joy and Sadness  as we said Goodbye and Thank You along with the wish and intention to meet again.


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