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Keep Life Simple

Life is a complicated affair. Too much to do; too little time to do it in. Too many demands; too few resources. Too much commotion and busy-ness; too little peace and quiet.

Is there an Answer? A possible Answer is choosing to reduce life to its essence (Life in its essence is mostly love that matters and lasts and this is reduced to a knowing and being known and letting your true self be known.) and keep it simple (or, at least simpler). The fruits of these little choices are substantial:

By living more simply, we free up our overtaxed personal resources – our minds, our emotions, and our spirits – from anxiety.

By living more simply, we free up some of our world’s relentlessly overtaxed natural resources.

By living more simply, we shorten our list of "stuff" to care about, which gives us the chance to care more about what and who is left.

By living more simply, we open up our hearts to receive and be one with our "Supernatural Resource," the God of our understanding who loves us and wants – very simply – only our good.

If you yearn to experience how Less can be More, let these choices be your gentle guide to what is truly essential for life and happiness.

Good Luck, God Bless, Keep it Simple and guess what, It Works!


Another name is AFFLUENZA.

There seems to be no end to our desire for money or for what money can buy and this could explain why most of us are so discontent.

Aldous Huxley – "The instinct of acquisitiveness (always wanting more) has more perverts, I believe, than the instinct for sex."

Those who want the most are very often those who have the most.

Mother Teresa – "Once the longing for money comes, the longing also comes for what money can give – superfluous things. Our needs will increase, for one thing leads to another and the result will be endless dissatisfaction. It is not a sin to be rich. When it provokes avarice (greed), it becomes a sin. Richness is given by God and it is our duty to divide it with those less favored."

Linus Mundy – Keep Life Simple Therapy –

"Remember that the primary reward of work is finding meaning and well - being, not money. Forget that and you’ll stop being well."

"Strive to have access to things, not ownership of them. Possess something and it possesses you."

"Don’t forget that the longing for simplicity is a spiritual longing. Asking physical things to meet spiritual needs doesn’t work"

As Ghandi says it so well: "There is enough for the needy but not enough for the greedy."





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