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Fr. Bill invites you to join him on his life journey as a Priest. In his autobiography he makes the inner journey to the cave of the heart and an outer journey of healing to different countries peopling our living space ship, Planet Earth.

The title of the cover photo is “The Journey”.  It was taken by Margaret Van Kempen, OSB: St. Benedict’s Monastery;
St. Joseph, MN 56374.
This photo is appropriate because of the events that occurred in ancient geologic time to the present.  
Fr. Bill’s journey has been formed, changed and renewed, as the eroded rocks and mountains have been formed, changed and renewed.  Today the St. Louis River flows through Jay Cooke Park and into Lake Superior in Duluth.  The modern day bridge crosses the river in the distance and trees are growing out of the rocks.  In Fr. Bill’s life journey the bridge is the bridge of love crossing over the troubled waters of our lives and our world.

Fr.Bill has been called a “soul lifter” and a “world changer” – he is someone who can bring to others a new way of looking at life without losing the priceless treasures of tradition. Instead of separating himself from his church and his calling, Bill simply learned to sing his own song within the context of the church and what a song it has been. Fr.Bill has lived an inspiring life, and his life story is a gift to enjoy!
Hal Stone, PhD and Sidra Stone, PhD
Albion, California

The autobiography of Bill will show the reader how closely Bill’s path and the Path of Kripa soaked in and blended together the presence of Mother Teresa. We are deeply grateful to God for sending Bill like an Albert Schweitzer to the afflicted of Addiction in India. May God bless him with a long life and well being.
With our love and gratitude,
Fr.Joe Pereira
Managing Trustee
Kripa Foundation

Father Bill’s book is way more than a story of one man’s journey as a priest, teacher and counselor. It is an inspiring guide for living a life based on faith, courage, and commitment, leading oneself to unexpected places. It reveals how a message of love and hope leaves foot prints on injured hearts and souls.

Bruce A. Larson, MA, LADC. author, counselor/clinical director, teacher in the field of addiction at state, national and international levels.


Fr. Bill with book

The book is available at Amazon and at the following locations:

Luther Seminary Bookstore
1490 Fulham St.
St. Paul, Mn. 55108

St. Patrick's Guild
1554 Randolph Ave.
St. Paul, Mn. 55105

Hazelden Bookstore
P.O. Box s11
15251 Pleasant Valley Rd.
Center City, Mn. 55012


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