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     Life is a journey to find ourselves, our God and our own wisdom. The beginning and end of our journey is the cave of the heart. The cave of the heart is the deepest psychological ground of one’s personality. It is the inner sanctuary where self-awareness goes beyond analytical reflection and opens out into metaphysical and theological confrontation with the Abyss of the unknown yet always present. This is the one who is more intimate to us than we are to ourselves. In Romans 5 in the Christian Scriptures this is the heart where God’s love is poured forth by the Holy Spirit. In the Hindu tradition the Upanishads speak of the spirit of the One who created the universe as dwelling in our heart. The same spirit is described as the One who in silence is loving us all.


    In my personal and professional life in different parts of our world, I have as an alive human being, Christian priest, counselor and teacher assisted addicts and alcoholics to recover through the 12 Steps of AA. In the same capacity I have practiced and taught Christian Meditation as first taught by John Main and now by his successor Laurence Freeman. Likewise I have been teaching the Psychology of the Aware Ego and Voice Dialogue as taught and practiced by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone to many people interested in Psycho-Spiritual Growth.  I find these three approaches or teachings support each other in leading us to the cave of our heart. With the Aware Ego we stand between opposites and connect with the cave of our heart. As we are still and silent and repeat our mantra or word in Meditation we connect with the cave of our heart. The 12 Step Spiritual Program of Alcoholics Anonymous invites us to find the empowerment we need for recovery. As we own our powerlessness and vulnerability and trust and surrender into the cave of our heart we find and experience our Higher Power or God of our understanding.


    We need not get caught up in terminology and miss the reality. God has many faces as Truth has and our journey is to find God in the cave of our heart. My experience on my journey has made me appreciate how these three ways I have mentioned to the heart support each other and integrate and enhance our lives on a journey that takes discipline and fidelity. For more detail on these three ways go to my website: www.i35north.com'frbill. If you want even more there are in my website links to others with more detail.


    I like the image of a turtle for our journey. We like the turtle make our slow and patient journey with the protection of our Primary Selves and stop along the way daily to pull in our heads and Meditate and surrender to a Power Greater than ourselves who empowers us with the energy for our journey, the energy of Love.


     I enjoy paraphrasing the Poet Laureate, T.S. Eliot, who woke me up as a Freshman in College to my Journey: As we journey through life, at the end of our journey we arrive at the same place it began and know it for the first time. That place is the cave of our heart. In that cave of our heart is our vulnerable child who carries our psychic fingerprint, who we are, our vulnerability and is the doorway to our soul to our God.  Keep it Simple and Be Faithful and the Journey is worth it

 Written by Fr. Bill Whittier

Assumption College, Manila, Philippines

April 22, 2003

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Some Great comments from my friends throughout our small planet Earth   turtle

Dear Bill,
The journey to the cave of our hearts makes deeply spiritual reading. I would like to read it over and over again. You have put my very own experience to words. I think it is this that has made us come together. We are in the process of putting up a convention centre in the adjacent block at Vasai. When that dream comes true you could spend long periods of time inviting the entire South East Asia to participate in training programmes. I am making sure that all centres receive Hal & Sidra's fundamental teaching. Please tell them to me they are modern day saints contributing to a transformation technology.
Loving you in Christ,
Fr. Joe Pereira
Founder and Director of Kripa Foundation
Mt. Carmel Church
Mumbai, India



"Great article, Bill. Thanks for sharing it with me. Timing is good given
my recognition of my need to again go deeper. Glad things are well with
you. Have a safe trip home.
Be well, my friend.
Love, David " - A friend in the USA strongly committed to the 12 Step Spirituality of AA

"Hello Bill,

                You are asking for feedback on your article for the Christian Meditation Website. I resonate so strongly with all you are saying there. As you will remember me sharing with you, I have such a strong instinct to interface Voice Dialogue and the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises , which deeply influence so much retreat work and spiritual direction. Before Switzerland I had half completed an article for the Ignatian Community and thought I would work further on it once I had experienced the Spring Training if it confirmed those intuitions. Seeing what you have done in relation to the 12 steps and Christian Meditation encourages me to trust my thinking and persevere. I  like the image you give for the  journey....the tortoise.You have a lovely writing style. I am sure this article is going to be well received by the Christian Meditation Community and I think you are doing such an important thing by sharing in the written word....my guess is that you will be much sought after for trainings. So those are my thoughts on your article.

           Love and prayers as always - from a friend and fellow teacher in South Africa.

Johannesburg, South Africa 



"Hi Fr Bill,
I liked your article about the Cave of the Heart. It speaks to me, and all great saints from all traditions report that this inner experience delivers the only true fulfilment. There was a famous Indian saint last century who I feel a real connection with called Nityananda. His teachings are summed up by this quote "The Heart is the hub of all sacred places, go there and roam"
Dr. John Coroneos
Producer of the Voice Dialogue Series with Hal Stone,Ph.D.and Sidra L.. Stone, Ph.D.







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