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The Psychology of the Aware Ego and Voice Dialogue.

The Psychology of the Aware Ego is the theory that the human personality is an intricate network of many Selves or sub personalities. Within this is the Aware Ego, which is not really a self, but an evolving process that can encompass the selves. The Aware Ego has the potential for overseeing this network in a way that best serves the total person. While there are many schools of therapy that utilize this theory, the creators of Voice Dialogue, Hal Stone Ph.D and Sidra Stone Ph.D., present their developmental model of these Selves. The discovery of the reality of these Selves began with their personal work with each other, their understanding of the role of these Selves in the development of the personality deepened as they worked with people around the world. For further understanding of this work see Hal and Sidra's website. www.delos-inc.com

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is a method that provides direct access to this network of Selves and has been called The Internationally Acclaimed Process That Reveals The Richness Of Our Full Being. It introduces us to our "inner family" - those selves that live within us.

This simple, yet powerful process:

        Teaches us to honor all our myriad selves.

        Shows new ways to deal with old problems and handle new ones.

        Restores our natural flow of creativity.

        Enhances our intimate relationships.

        Broadens the range of choices in our live.

The process and the book Embracing Our Selves is a major breakthrough work - one that enables us to live a fuller, happier, more productive life.

Ways to use Voice Dialogue for personal growth, counseling and healing

  1. Adult Children of Alcoholics

  2. Co Dependency

  3. Addictions

  4. Twelve Step Spirituality

  5. Psychological Issues

  6. Relationships

  7. Family of Origin Issues

  8. Grief Work

  9. Trauma Resolution

  10. Incest

  11. Jungian work archetypes, various subpersonalities... shadow       ... self

  12. Dream Work

  13. Astrology - access to energy patterns of signs and planets in us.


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