Fr. Bill's 70th Birthday Celebration at the Social Hall of St. Bridget's in Lindstrom




"Fr. Gulliver" has his ship ready to sail again. Here is the itinerary:

Month of Oct. to Nigeria working with the Faith Alive AIDS Clinc.

Month of Nov. home in USA. (Will be looking for a warm spot to land)

Month of Dec.  to the Philippines for Rehab of Alcoholics and Addicts Ministry and other Ministry. 

Jan. home to USA and then Jan. 10 to May 10 to India with Healing and Rehab ministry with Alcoholics and

Addicts and AIDS infected persons.

May 10 to June 20 to Ireland working with Alcoholics and Addicts at Tabor Lodge in Cork. 

Then participating in the 12th International Voice Dialogue Conference in Switzerland with

Hal and Sidra Stone  and home  June 20th. 


I share a Favorite Sufi Blessing I first came across 30 years ago at one of The Center for the  

Healing Arts Summer Conferences in L.A. with Hal and Sidra Stone.


   May the Blessing of God be upon you.

    May His Peace abide with You.

    May His Presence illuminate your heart

     Now and Forever More.


Thank you for Your Presence in my Life and Pray for me and those I serve as I pray for you and your loved ones.

Fr. Bill alias Fr. Gulliver

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