Fr Bill and Mother Teresa

Fr. Bill sharing Hal and Sidra Stone's Book, "Embracing Ourselves" with Mother Teresa

"We have absolutely no difficulty regarding having to work in countries with many faiths. We treat all people as Children of God.They are our brothers and sisters. We show great respect to them. Our work is to encourage these people, Christians as well and non-Christians, to do works of love. Every work of love done with a full heart brings people closer to God." Mother Teresa

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50 year Mass



JUNE 26  2011

Thank you for attending or remembering me this day.

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"The Risen Cosmic Christ alive in the world today!


Journey of a Priest

The book is only available at the following locations:

Luther Seminary Bookstore
1490 Fulham St.
St. Paul, Mn. 55108

St. Patrick's Guild
1554 Randolph Ave.
St. Paul, Mn. 55105

Hazelden Bookstore
P.O. Box s11
15251 Pleasant Valley Rd.
Center City, Mn. 55012




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Hello, I'm Fr. Bill Whittier!
Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm:

- 50 years as a priest in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, in Minnesota, USA
- 30 plus years, involved in Holistic Health and Healing education and ministry.
- Well trained in the Psychology of the Aware Ego and Voice Dialogue work which provides powerful tools for growth and empowerment.
- Teacher and Trainer of people locally, in Nigeria, South Africa, Ireland, at Hazelden Renewal Center in Minnesota, and in India with Kripa - a rehab organization for alcoholics and addicts.
- Trained and experienced in the field of Addiction and Alcoholism - education, prevention, teaching, counseling at Hazelden and in Nigeria, India and Ireland.
- Strongly committed to and interest in the value of 12 Step Spirituality of Alcoholic Anonymous .
- Experienced in living and working and ministering to alcoholics, addicts and HIV and AIDS infected clients.
- Privileged to have lived and worked in Nigeria in West Africa and been involved in the establishing there, the first alcoholic and addict treatment center, modeled after the Minnesota Model (Hazelden).
- Very much interested and experienced in Christian Meditation following the School of John Main and presently taught by Laurence Freeman, OSB.

-Offering Psycho-Spiritual Teaching and Training to Individuals and spiritual focused groups in South Africa.

- Offering the same to the Assumption Sisters and other Religious Communities and Priests in the Philippine Islands.

-Offering the same teaching  to Individuals, to Alcoholic and Addiction Rehab Centers and other Psycho-Spiritual Focused in the Philippines.

-All the above mentioned Psycho-Spiritual Teaching and Training is based on the Psychology of the Aware Ego and Voice Dialogue teaching and training of Hal and Sidra Stone.

-Counseling in Jos, Nigeria at Faith Alive Clinic serving needs of AIDS/HIV clients and the poor of the area.

- Energizing and reorganizing an Alcohol and Addiction Rehab Center run by MEWA (Muslim Education and Welfare Association) in Mombasa, Kenya.


Fr Bill

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