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A picture is worth a thousand words. This picture of me and Mother Teresa, whom I have met and spent time with in India, reveals much of who I am and my value system both as Bill Whittier and Fr. Bill.

Fr Bill and Mother Teresa

"We have absolutely no difficulty regarding having to work in countries with many faiths. We treat all people as Children of God.They are our brothers and sisters. We show great respect to them. Our work is to encourage these people, Christians as well and non-Christians, to do works of love. Every work of love done with a full heart brings people closer to God."
Mother Teresa

Due to my ministries in many different countries throughout the world, I have become known as Father Gulliver.  Please explore the links on my website to learn about my life’s work and philosophy.  For a fuller understanding of my life, I invite you to check out my book, The Journey of a Priest, which is available for purchase at Amazon.

Thanks for your attention and I pray this has helped you to know who I am and my destiny and life purpose. My life journey is not over yet. I am not retired but refired by the Spirit of the Risen Cosmic Christ. This refiring keeps me growing and learning and helping to build in any way I can a more beautiful, peaceful, just and loving living space ship, our Home Planet Earth.

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